Winery Beauty Shots Package

You’ve got a staff person who can shoot and a pretty decent camera and microphone set-up for in-house production, but you still need to make sure that at the end of the day, your video looks as high-end as your wine.

All you really need is some pretty eye candy that can be edited in to your existing footage.  Shots of:

  • your vineyard
  • your signage
  • your tasting room
  • your bottles
  • seasonal moments like bud-break and veraison

The parts and pieces that really help your brand look as good as the wine tastes.

Video in a Minute offers monthly, quarterly, and growing season based packages to meet your needs.

How does it work?

  • Video in a Minute has the cameras, the cranes, the sliders, and the artful eye to get you beautiful, eye-popping video.
  • We load all the raw footage onto a hard drive and hand it off to your in-house marketing member to edit into your projects.
  • Think of it as custom stock videography created just for your winery.

Help your in-house marketing team get the shots they need to create amazing year-round videos. 707-332-2163