The Back Story:

Back in 1997, when my first kid started to crawl, my hubby sat me down in front of the computer and showed me how to edit our home movies.  I was hooked.  Like stars in my eyes, hooked.  Like read-every-videography-book-magazine-and-article-and-suck-it-all-up-like-a-sponge hooked.  THAT kind of hooked.

In 2009, after many years behind the camera I finally admitted to myself that I do not live for knowing the ins and outs of all the technical knowledge needed to get great footage: letus lenses, rack shots, softboxes, mic attenuation, you name it.

I realized I needed to build a great camera crew quick.  I searched far and wide for local camera people who already had the great equipment AND the chops to deliver the kind of footage I was looking for, beauty shots worthy of high-end wineries, sweeping vista shots, and perfectly lit talking heads.

I stepped away from the camera and put on the CEO/Director shoes and that’s where I’ve been ever since. (And every once in a while, I still get to strut my camera and editing skills.)  I love the crew I work with.  AMAZING people who really know their craft and know how to get great video.

As always, I’m excited to share what we’ve done here at Video in a Minute and even more excited to dream up new ways of using video to help you move your business forward.

Lisa Gottfried, CEO


CEO, Lisa Gottfried, brings an authentic, creative and results-oriented approach to Video In a Minute. Over the past few years, she has head up a team that works with wineries ranging form 1,000 cases up to 100’s of thousands, such as The Napa Vintners Association, Clos du Val, Rodney Strong, Reata, Bell Winery, Rocca Family Vineyards and Elkhorn Peak Cellars.  She has also developed video for local businesses outside of the wine industry, such as The Doctor’s Company, Neurovations, Cancer Lifeline Specialists, Heathy Buildings Technology Group and others.

For the fifteen years leading up to the launch of Video In a Minute, Gottfried owned and operated her own video production company, DigitalWeavers, focusing on promoting entrepreneurs, book authors and the gourmet food industry. Her book trailer and video clients included Random House, Tully Wihr, Little Pickle Press, Mirepoix USA, as well as Gemstone Foundation. She developed a personal affinity for web and video technology as powerful tools for communication and marketing.

Prior to going into the video field, Gottfried worked in large account development and sales training for a national telephone headset company, working closely with clients such as Hewlett Packard and Charles Schwab.

Though she grew up selling girls scout cookies every year door-to-door, Gottfried’s sales career began in 1992 in Seattle as a sales associate for a business and personal development company, Context Associated. While getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Washington, she served as a hands-on assistant to a local artisan and potter, Frank Fabens. Even in those early years, she couldn’t help but move into the beginnings of a sales career, marketing Fabens hand-crafted pieces to boutiques across the country.

Gottfried is a member of Women for Winesense, The Women’s Networking Group, and SCBWI. She has conducted numerous teleseminars about the use of video to promote business online.

Gottfried is an involved member of her local community, having served on her congregational board as well as the executive board for NVNS. She also played a lead role in the community-wide build project, Playground Fantastico. She is a wife and mother of three children as well as a Reiki Master and First Keup in Tae Kwon Do.

Gary Felder:

Gary Felder is a producer, writer, director, cameraman and editor who has worked on award-winning films and television programs. He has produced programs for ABC News, PBS, corporations, schools, non-profit organizations and government. Gary’s experiences have taken him from working with Mexican immigrants in the Napa Valley vineyards, traipsing through the heart of the Amazon with a Shaman, teaching video production in the barrios of Managua, documenting Cirque Du Soleil, producing in ABC’s anchor booth with Jennings and Brinkley, writing legislation on Capitol Hill, to supping at the White House and Camp David.

“From all that I’ve gleaned, I bring to you my creativity, perspective, and humor necessary to render your vision and tell your unique story.” -Gary Felder