Wine Testimonials

Sharon Goldman, Chateau Potelle, Marketing and Communications Director

“Thank you for creating our delightful videos! You asked all the right questions, listened to our responses, steered us in the right directions and dug deep for the core of our message and captured our story beautifully. You are a professional who made the experience enjoyable for all of us.”

Kristen Newsom, Rodney Strong, Digital Media Marketing

“P.S. Showed your tasting videos to one of our largest distributors – they LOVED it!”

Ken Nerlove, Elkhorn Peak Cellars, Grower/Owner

Just got the results back from our first e-mail campaign that featured your video.  I must say that I am quite impressed.  We had DOUBLE the amount of click-throughs than we normally get.  Again, I am impressed with the quality of the video and the workmanship.  I have had ALOT of people compliment me on a “GREAT VIDEO” and “VERY PROFESSIONAL”

I look forward to our continued relationship and am expecting some positive results in the future!

Charla, Elkhorn Peak Customer

This Pinot Cam was great!  Keep sending them . . . The background music, the photography and the content of your discussion were almost as good as your wine!! Keep up the great work; we’ll look forward to more Pinot Cams.

Russell, Elkhorn Peak Customer

I really enjoyed your video. It makes wine drinking more fun and makes me feel more connected to the process. Also, your style is very down home and I think it is good marketing. It gives your brand a special flavor. I visited your vineyard last month and had a great time. I look forward to more videos.

Mary Rocca, Rocca Family Vineyards, Proprietor

We wanted a way for people to get a sense of who we are here at Rocca Family Vineyards. What is better than speaking to them “directly” with a video?

Essentially, we wanted as close to a personal connection as we could get, without actually being face to face.

Video in a Minute did a great job!  Easy to work with, very professional, and they made it fun all at the same time! I would recommend Video in a Minute to anyone who wants to share their story with others, control their message, and get it all done efficiently while still focusing on top quality.