Wine Industry

You’ve got a unique set of needs.  We know this. We live here.

Our friends are vintners, marketing directors, sales-people, tasting-room managers.  Unlike other video companies that bring in camera crews from L.A., Chicago or New York and execute from afar, we are right here when you need us.

We understand the mystique of the Napa Valley and we understand which questions to ask to get to the heart of what you need.



  • Do you want a Bordeaux or Burgundy-style glass for the beauty bottle shot?
  •  Do you want to feature your vintage bottles or a new release?
  •  Are we talking to the distributors or the Direct to Consumer market?
  •  Is this a hillside vineyard or valley floor or a combination of both?
  •  Do you want to grow wine club membership, up-sell in the tasting room, or feature your event spaces?

We get it.  We get you.  And we love the wine business.

Whether you product 1,000 cases or 100,000, Video in a Minute specialized in the unique needs of the wine industry.

Video in a Minute creates winery videos for:

  • Informing Website Visitors
  • Building Brand
  • Social Media Conversations
  • Wine Club Email Campaigns
  • Tasting Room Conversions
  • Wholesale Education
  • Showcasing Special Event Spaces

No matter what your marketing goals, Video in a Minute delivers the right video for the right result, locally.

Give us a call to discuss selling more wine with video.  Cheers! (707) 332-2163