Video in a Minute:

At Video in a Minute we live for creating clear, effective, heart-based video marketing. It’s why we get up in the morning. But we’re also a company that wants to do more than just tell a compelling story.

Our Vidifesto

We aspire to help our clients authentically connect and engage with their target audiences. Answering the key question, “Why should I care?” and helping clients show up with ease, grace, and believability is our passion. It’s the cornerstone of our company and is where and how, we began.

But we understand that no matter how much you share our values, if our video isn’t adding to your bottom line, we haven’t fulfilled our potential.  Which is why we spend our days and nights dreaming up new video campaign strategies, poring over analytics and metrics, and tracking down practical video delivery technologies.

We’re sure you’ll be impressed when you see our portfolio.  But we hope you’ll be even more impressed with your first Video in a Minute video.

– Lisa Gottfried, CEO

Have questions?  Need to talk about how video can propel your business forward?  Drop us a line and we’ll get back in touch with you as quick as can be.