Girl Chat Video

You can toot your own horn in a boring talking head video, but who wants to watch THAT?

The real power is in capturing a heartfelt conversation between friends and colleagues, hearing what others have to say about why they love working with you and what they see in you that is so special.

Imagine the scene: A glass of wine, a plate of great cheese, dark chocolate to die for, and you…chatting and laughing with your girls.  (And, yes, there also happens to be a camera there to capture it all.)

Because let’s face it, we know how to sell each other like nobody’s business and we LOVE a good visit.

Why not have your audience experience who you are in a whole new, authentic and fun way.

This is perfect for women professionals who cater to a female crowd.  When who you are is at the heart of your business, this is the video package for you.

What’s included:

  • 1 Girlfriend Camera woman/Director showing up to your door anywhere in the US.
  • 1 bottle of premium Napa Valley Wine and a box of chocolates in hand
  • All the equipment needed to get great audio and visual
  • 1 Blast of a Good Time filming for a day
  • Great conversation, smiles, laughter, girlfriend support like nobody’s business

Three Final Videos For each Girlfriend (1-2 minutes each):

  • 1 “Girl Chat” Video – Custom edited for each girlfriend to sell only you
  • 1 “About My Passion and Philosophy” Video – Custom interview and editing
  • 1 “About My Product” Video – Custom interview and editing

Four Girlfriends: $1295 each

Five Girlfriends: $1165 each

Six Girlfriends: $995 each 

Get your gal-pals together and get some amazing video that gets people to understand who you are, without the “heya-heya” sales feel.  707-332-2163