Where to Use Video?

“I remember 15 years ago, watching this tiny little stamp sized video on my computer screen.  It was jumpy and pixelated and took FOREVER to load.  We were squinting so hard to even see the image and all I can remember thinking is:

This is SO incredible.  This is the future.  And that’s it, I was hooked.”      – Lisa Gottfried, CEO, Video in a Minute

Video is nothing new, but what we do with video, that has changed entirely.

10 Ways to Use Video to Sell

  1. Video Email: Gear your language directly to your audience, enlist, enroll, engage
  2. Social Media: Create 30-60 second commercials to further your brand
  3. Thank You Cards: Personally thank your customers for buying from you with a video
  4. Video Blog: Tell an ongoing story or provide updates on the status of your business
  5. Website Video: Answer the questions people have when first visiting your website
  6. Video Brochure: Explain who you are and what you do quickly and effectively
  7. QR codes: Connect Video Directly to your product with a smart phone
  8. Replace Still photos: Show off a space and give a sense of place that a photo lacks
  9. Educate your Staff: Film once, train many
  10. Make Human Connection: Video is a chance to introduce yourself in a way that is real and palpable, talk about your passions, what makes your company great and why you do what you do, tell funny stories, showcase an interesting detail of the business, get people to like you