Change Under-Utilized Email Lists into Wine Club Memberships

Did you know that simply by having the word “Video” in your email title and then, of course, including that video in your email campaign, you can raise your click through rate by as much as 8-12%.

So you can get ‘em with the curiosity angle the first time. Then, it’s really up to you to deliver the kind of content that keeps them intrigued and coming back for more in future emails.

You can increase your website hit rate by 12-20% simply by adding added value videos to your already existing email campaign. Want a 4% increase in wine club membership? Those members could be coming straight from an email list you already own.

5 Steps to creating video that keeps them opening and viewing your emails, time and time again:

1) Speak directly to your audience…as if you were right across the table and you really understand their very unique wants and desires. Create your message as if it’s just for one person. Send the emails to only those who fit that segment. Personalize, personalize, personalize.
2) Do not, for the love of god, sell to them. Leave them feeling bigger, better, faster. Add VALUE to their lives. Value can look like education, humor*, entertainment, human-interest stories, emotional connection.
3) Did I say, DO NOT sell to them? Don’t do it.
4) Offer a next step at the end. “If you liked this, then go here and order our wines. or “If you enjoyed this, then join our wine club and get more of this.”
5) Pick only one action step and make it easy. Lead people down a very clear, and easy path.

*A small tip about Humor: It comes in all forms and sometimes it’s a hard thing to pull off. But, you don’t have to be a professional writer or comedic expert to make fun of yourself. Take an idea to the nth degree and go over the top with parody. We’re so serious in the wine industry. Why not have some fun with it all?

Do you have an underutilized email list? If you’ve got thousands of people on your email list but your wine club only reaches into the hundreds, I’d say you’ve got an untapped gold mine just waiting for a great, added value video email campaign.