Engaging wine videos that talk WITH me, not AT me

Are you still stuck in the video brochure model where slightly fake-sounding voice over artists speak AT your audience instead of WITH them?  Do your videos last more than two minutes?  Are you telling people about your vineyard instead of inviting them in to engage with your staff, your brand and your wine?

If so, it’s time to bring your video communications into the relationship/information age.  It can seem like a daunting task to figure out how to use video to create relationship with your potential customers.  Here are a few tips to help ease the way:

1) Use the same tactics that work when you are face to face.
Hospitality reigns supreme in the Napa Valley so why not take what already works and translate it into video so you can reach more wine lovers?  What story told over the tasting bar converts visitors to buyers?  Which conversational path leads you to the wine club sign-up?


2) Concentrate on one small slice of a story and invite people to share their own stories. 
Where were you when the wine bug hit you?  Tell a funny bottle-opening story and include a video on how to open a bottle with your shoe.  How did you celebrate turning 21?  Why is does the owner’s wine dog have a funny nickname?  Invite people to come to the winery and take a photo with the dog for a contest.

3) Create a mystery that needs to be solved.
Invite consumers to figure out where a photograph was taken, or which restaurant table your bottle is photographed upon.

4) Have your staff finish this sentence:  You know you’re a wine nut when….
Ask others to finish the sentence and post their videos or comments to your facebook page.

We want so much to connect and to find our tribe.  We are looking for points of commonality, people who share an interest in our ideas, and just a fun way to jump into the conversation.

Video can be an amazing way to invite full participation from your family, friends and wine fans.  Your videos are an opportunity to introduce the flavor of your winery, your brand and your community and invite others who enjoy who you are to join in the conversation.

Never mind showing your vineyard with a voice over talking about your world-class wines.  Put your winemaker out in that same vineyard and ask a thought provoking question.  Feature your vineyard manager inside the tasting room relaxing with a glass of wine and telling a funny story.

Mix it up, have fun and, above all, be true to who you are.