Video that Arms your Distributors with Powerful Information

Your sales person is standing in front of a restaurant, ready to meet with the wine buyer.

They need a quick refresher on the information on your new release.

They need the tasting notes and a reminder of your unique brand so that they can sell a case or two quickly and effectively.

How do they get all that information fast?  These days, more and more sales people are turning to their smart phones.

The more traditional ways of brochures and printed tasting note sheets are falling by the wayside as younger, more plugged-in sales folks are getting their information digitally.

And what better way to convey your unique brand and release notes but in a quick video of the winemaker speaking directly to your sales force?

Some rules to follow in creating video for the distribution side:

  1. Get to the answers fast.  Start with the tasting notes and add any additional sales information at the end.
  2. Spend no more than 45 seconds on each release video
  3. Convey your brand through environment, winemaker personality and dress
  4. Make it easy for distributors to access the video through QR codes or distributor-only webpages that are smart phone friendly.

Whether you compete for your sales people’s attention or you’ve got your own dedicated on-the-ground team, video can go a long way toward helping the distributor understand who you are as a brand, unique information about the release and any additional information you would like them to have.  In 45 seconds, your sales person can be armed and ready for the sale.

“Now where were those tasting notes?  I thought I had it in my clip board/folder/briefcase/front-seat.  Oh, wait a minute!  It’s right on my phone!”

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