Wine Video Marketing: Stretch your Marketing Bucks & Engage Consumers

Often the mistake people make is in trying to make a video that speaks to too many different markets, which waters down the entire message and often results in a bland video that lacks emotional oomph.

In the new social and relationship marketing age, if done right, video can elicit an amazing response of “Wow, this person is speaking directly to me!  Right on my computer!  With this video they sent me!  How cool is that!”

Who wouldn’t buy from someone who speaks my language, understands who I am and resonates with my own set of beliefs and values?

THAT’s the power of video these days.

To get THOSE kinds of results we need to be as specific and narrow as possible with messaging.

And it doesn’t cost any more money to create six shorter, smaller niche market videos than it would to create an overly produced and crafted video to meet everyone’s needs.

When you speak to a niche market directly, you eliminate costs associated with:

  1. Script writing: You can be more conversational and rely more on talking points
  2. Storyboarding: The process needs to be freer in order to get the conversation recorded first.  Once you have that filmed, the supporting B roll needed becomes crystal clear.
  3. Large production budgets to get the variety of visuals needs:  You can laser in on images that matter to your smaller market segment
  4. Longer film times: It doesn’t take 20 takes to get the line just right.  It’s about providing a place for people to show up and talk.  The message is captured in a shorter period of time because we aren’t trying to control the process so tightly.

It seems counter-intuitive to let go of control in the production process in order to save time and money.   But if you really want to harness the power of video in this social market, where conversation and relationship are king, your best bet is to zero in on a niche market and think in terms of getting multiple short videos in one film session.

So, you may have spent some big bucks on video in the past and felt that you got burnt in the deal, spending too much for a video that is not really serving you.  But if you can think of video in this new paradigm, you’ll be on your way toward creating conversations and engagement that matters, creating videos that ultimately foster loyalty, connection and larger wine sales.

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