• Winery Demo Reel

      See snippets of Video in a Minute footage from Wineries around the Napa Valley.

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      Winery Demo Reel
    • Institute of Noetic Sciences

      IONS Unveils Plans for new Retreat Lodges and Research Center

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      Institute of Noetic Sciences
    • Flora Springs Shares Wine with Santa

      A great take off on 70's TV Commercial

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      Flora Springs Shares Wine with Santa
    • Video in a Minute Motion Graphic

      42 Seconds of Pure, Unadulterated Branding

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      Video in a Minute Motion Graphic
    • Napa Valley Vintners Association

      A humor piece for Auction Napa Valley's community outreach.

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      Napa Valley Vintners Association
    • Rodney Strong 2010 Reserve Chardonnay

      Tasting Notes, Short, Sweet and Pretty

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      Rodney Strong 2010 Reserve Chardonnay
    • Elkhorn Peak Cellars

      Custom Crush Facility Tour

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      Elkhorn Peak Cellars
    • Cooking with Julie

      A Marketing Video for A Lifestyle Napa Valley Cooking Class

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      Cooking with Julie
    • Rodney Strong 2010 Estate Alexander Valley Cabernet

      Tasting-Notes Video in 30 Seconds

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      Rodney Strong 2010 Estate Alexander Valley Cabernet
    • Expressions Studio: Theater, Dance, Martial Arts

      One of Seven Videos showcasing this Napa Treasure.

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      Expressions Studio: Theater, Dance, Martial Arts
    • Gloria Ferrer Event

      Extra Brut Reserve Cuvée: Wine Club Soirée

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      Gloria Ferrer Event
    • Neurovations

      Take a tour, meet the staff and learn the benefits of this unique niche service.

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    A gorgeous motion graphic can be just the piece of eye candy you need to engage your audience that smidge more. Enough to entice people to watch, engage and ultimately buy. More
  • The Vidifesto

    At Video in a Minute we live for creating clear, effective, heart-based video marketing. It’s why we get up in the morning. But we’re also a company that wants to do more than just tell a compelling story.
  • The Unique Needs of Online Video

    "We don't want our video to look too overdone." The phrase we hear over and over again. To authentically engage an audience online, it takes the perfect combination of beautiful visuals, great audio, and real relationship-building messaging.
Vineyard Maps and Flyovers from Google Earth Pro
Vineyard Maps and Flyovers from Google Earth Pro

What?  You don't have access to a helicopter and million-dollar stabilizing camera?  No worries.  You too can show your audience where your vineyards lie and let them know why the location makes for great wine.

Visualize & Analyze your World in 3D

Put the globe at your fingertips and leverage Google Earth Pro's powerful flexibility for site analysis, construction planning, marketing collateral, and more.

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Will 2013 Be Worth Your “Cat?”

January 1, 2013: I started the new year by killing a cat.

It was more like cat suicide. I was going 45 miles per hour as it darted out across two lanes of traffic to meet it's maker and my front wheels.  There was a car to my right and another behind me and I had no choice to go forward.  Over the cat.

Some might call this a bad omen, a terrible way to start the new year.  I'd like to think of it as a reminder to be more awake.

After checking for a tag or collar (there was none), I came home teary-eyed and shaken.

Two days later, today, I sat down to review 2012 and make my goals for this coming year.

And in some way, I feel that I've got to redeem myself.  I've got to make this year count, if for no one else, then that snowy-white cat.

This year, alongside my number goals and my business goals of serving my clients well, providing great customer service, and creating powerful videos, I have other goals.

In 2013 I want to use the videos we create at Video in a Minute to promote healing in the world, and spread around a little more love.

I hope to encourage authentic creativity and foster community ties.

And I want to find forgiveness for others who have wronged me or pained me as I remember that I TOO have wronged or caused pain, whether on purpose or by accident.

I wish for all of you out there, who are doing business, promoting product, creating content, providing a service, I wish for you a year of being awake to ALL that you desire to be in the world.  'Cause the Kellog's commercial is right on when it says that we are all much more than a number.  May this year be worth your "cat."

-Lisa Gottfried

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