Motion Graphics that Help you Compete

Now you can look like you spent thousands of dollars on a video commercial or moving logo, without spending the big bucks. Motion graphics that allow animation, gorgeous music, and a way to elevate your brand so you can play in the big leagues, without the big league budget. At Video in a Minute, we live for this sort of technology, accessible, gorgeous eye candy technology.

Answer, “Why Should I Care?” and Sell More: Demo Reel

Let’s be honest. No-one cares about the gorgeous shots unless it’s married to straightforward, heart-based, results-getting messaging. Answering the question “Why should I care?” is what sets Video in a Minute apart from being just a Napa Valley production company. Yes, we can get the shots and provide great editing, all within budget. But in the end, it’s all about whether or not we move people enough to take action and buy.

Reata Winery

We covered it all in this destination video, the grounds, the vineyards, the tanks, the tasting room, and more. On-camera talent and extras were hired for this project, making it that much smoother when it came time to shoot.

QR Codes: Tasting Notes Video Directly on Bottle

Rocca Family Vineyards created a series of QR codes for 6 different varietals. Are your consumers standing in the market wondering what the wine in their hand tastes like or who the winemaker is? They can point their smart phone at the QR code and watch this video to meet the owner and the winemaker and hear tasting notes. Ooh, now that’s customer service!

Added Value: A Sneek Peak in the Vineyard

Ken is the grape grower and owner at Elkhorn Peak Cellars.  He knows that people come to his boutique winery to learn about what is going on in the fields and how that effects his Pinot Noir.  We played off the fact that Ken is a folksy and lovable personality with a love for old tractors and cars.  Each piece in the series will begin and end with him in front of, or behind the wheel of one of his wonderful old vehicles.  In this case, the brand is simply the personality and interests of the owner of the winery.