Vineyard Maps and Flyovers from Google Earth Pro

What?  You don’t have access to a helicopter and million-dollar stabilizing camera?  No worries.  You too can show your audience where your vineyards lie and let them know why the location makes for great wine.

Visualize & Analyze your World in 3D

Put the globe at your fingertips and leverage Google Earth Pro’s powerful flexibility for site analysis, construction planning, marketing collateral, and more.

Will 2013 Be Worth Your “Cat?”

January 1, 2013: I started the new year by killing a cat.

It was more like cat suicide. I was going 45 miles per hour as it darted out across two lanes of traffic to meet it’s maker and my front wheels.  There was a car to my right and another behind me and I had no choice to go forward.  Over the cat.

Some might call this a bad omen, a terrible way to start the new year.  I’d like to think of it as a reminder to be more awake.

After checking for a tag or collar (there was none), I came home teary-eyed and shaken.

Two days later, today, I sat down to review 2012 and make my goals for this coming year.

And in some way, I feel that I’ve got to redeem myself.  I’ve got to make this year count, if for no one else, then that snowy-white cat.

This year, alongside my number goals and my business goals of serving my clients well, providing great customer service, and creating powerful videos, I have other goals.

In 2013 I want to use the videos we create at Video in a Minute to promote healing in the world, and spread around a little more love.

I hope to encourage authentic creativity and foster community ties.

And I want to find forgiveness for others who have wronged me or pained me as I remember that I TOO have wronged or caused pain, whether on purpose or by accident.

I wish for all of you out there, who are doing business, promoting product, creating content, providing a service, I wish for you a year of being awake to ALL that you desire to be in the world.  ‘Cause the Kellog’s commercial is right on when it says that we are all much more than a number.  May this year be worth your “cat.”

-Lisa Gottfried

Do Video Campaigns Really Work or Is The Emperor Wearing No Clothes?

What happens if what I’ve been pitching all over town isn’t true?

About two years ago, I made an agreement with Ken Nerlove, owner of a 1,000-case winery, Elkhorn Peak Cellars, to do a test case study about the effectiveness of running a video campaign. The goal was simple, to increase wine club sign-ups.

We filmed and sent out videos over the coarse of 18 months, keeping them consistent and straightforward.  The message was one of educating the audience about what was happening in the vineyards. We ended every video with an invitation to join the wine club.

I wanted a small winery to work with on a case study because I knew the results would be really pure.  With a tiny marketing budget, adding video to his newsletter was the only new marketing effort done during that period, so we knew we could eliminate other contributing factors and muddied results.

When we started, two years ago, we immediately saw anecdotal results with sign-ups, increased website hits and overall sales.

We offered up the case study for a panel presentation at the next Direct to Consumer Conference in January 2013 and were accepted.  We brought in an amazing data geek, Susan DeMatei of Wine Glass Marketing to be a third-party non-biased expert to review the results.

Here’s where I have to be honest.

I had been pitching my idea that video campaigns are great for building wine club membership for a long time.  I’d pitched it to other wineries big and small.  I’d pitched it to the speaker committee at the DTC conference.  Heck, I’d pitched it to everyone I knew in the wine industry.

And it hit me.  What happens if what I’ve been pitching all over town isn’t true? I mean I knew it to be true on an anecdotal level, but what if we got deep into the metrics and found out it was all a big ruse, that the emperor was wearing no clothes?  I held my breath and waited for Susan’s analysis.

Well, the numbers are in.  And the long and short of it is this:

1) The video campaign paid for itself and led to long term customer acquisition (industry standard is 2.5 years for club membership depending on the winery)
2) Click-through rates went up
3) Unsubscribe rates when down
4) Email bounces went down
5) Consumer engagement went up

And most importantly:
6) Elkhorn Peak increased wine club membership, taking 1 year to do the same numbers in sign-ups that previously took 5 years.

In the period that video was added to Ken’s marketing program, he realized a 250% ROI.

All I can say is that it’s true, the Emperor does have some fine clothes on.  Email campaigns can be a MEASUREABLE and effective part of an overall marketing strategy.

If you want to see the bar graphs and percentages and real data, you’ll have to catch Video in a Minute at the next DTC Conference on January 24, 2012, in South SF.  Susan and Ken will be there with me and we’ll give you the low down on what we did and how it all played out.

Join us and bring your tough questions.  We’ll tell it like it is.

Lisa Gottfried, CEO
Video in a Minute


6 ways to Make a Tasting-Notes Video that is Completely Different

So, we’ve all done it, the cliché tasting-notes video. The winemaker stands in front of the barrels and pours a glass, swirls it, sniffs it, tastes it and then talks about it.

OK, so that makes for a great foundation video, especially if it’s done with beautiful lighting and the background is beautiful. But what happens when you want to go beyond that, when you want to stand out?

Here are six great ideas to break out of the tasting notes video mold and get your wines noticed. Continue reading “6 ways to Make a Tasting-Notes Video that is Completely Different”

Engaging wine videos that talk WITH me, not AT me

Are you still stuck in the video brochure model where slightly fake-sounding voice over artists speak AT your audience instead of WITH them?  Do your videos last more than two minutes?  Are you telling people about your vineyard instead of inviting them in to engage with your staff, your brand and your wine?

If so, it’s time to bring your video communications into the relationship/information age. Continue reading “Engaging wine videos that talk WITH me, not AT me”

Wine Video Marketing: Stretch your Marketing Bucks & Engage Consumers

Often the mistake people make is in trying to make a video that speaks to too many different markets, which waters down the entire message and often results in a bland video that lacks emotional oomph.

In the new social and relationship marketing age, if done right, video can elicit an amazing response of “Wow, this person is speaking directly to me!  Right on my computer!  With this video they sent me!  How cool is that!”

Who wouldn’t buy from someone who speaks my language, understands who I am and resonates with my own set of beliefs and values? Continue reading “Wine Video Marketing: Stretch your Marketing Bucks & Engage Consumers”